Hi Jane, thank you very much for the perfect awesome flower arrangements! Exactly what we have in mind if not even better! Really appreciate your help in making our wedding more memorable! All our guests love the flowers! The vases were taken up in no time. The boutonniere you've created was an amazing match! Will definitely recommend your services to friends and family. Thank you once again! - Chien Fang, Sep 2015


Hi Pauline, i saw the flowers. They are so pretty! Very very happy. Thank you for making my wedding beautiful! - Jennifer, Sep 2015


Dear Jane, a BIG thank you to you and your team for giving us such beautiful bridesmaids bouquets to hold! The girls were very impressed. The bride absolutely loved her bridal bouquet and you made it exactly like how she wanted it. The colours were on point and the crystals added the final touch. The groomsmen boutonnieres matched well with our bouquets. Thank you once again for the gorgeous bouquets and prompt delivery! - Vaish, Aug 2015


Thank you, received the flowers! Beautiful! Appreciate your work! – Charlotte, Aug 2015


Hi Jane, flowers were beautiful and the pews too. I was very very impressed! – Anastasia, Aug 2015


Hi Jane, the flowers were beautiful and the service has been just perfect and so patient! The lady who delivered the flowers even waited a few minutes for me to return just to teach me how to tie the ribbons on the wreath as well as guide me as to how to store the flowers! – Andrienne, Aug 2015


Thanks for the beautiful flowers - many compliments from guests! – Chen-Hsi , July 2015


Hi Jane, Thank you for the beautiful flowers on our wedding day! – Joyce, May 2015


Dear Jane, Thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement which made the event special. – Mrs Ho, May 2015


Hi Jane, the flower arrangement was very very nice! Thank you! – Liat, (Embassy of Israel), April 2015


Hi Jane, we love the bouquet and the roses surprise!! Thank you!! – Sussi, Mar 2015


Dear Jane, just a note to thank you and your team for the beautiful bridal bouquet yesterday. It was really lovely. Thanks for the recommedation and  the great hospitality extended by your team yesterday. – Jing Mei, Mar 2015


Hi Jane, thank you so much for the lovely flowers. It made the venue that much more lovely and welcoming. We took the flowers home to enjoy them some more. – Mary Joan, Feb 2015.


Hi Jane, just want to drop a thank you note to you for making our flowers on our wedding day. My bouquet looked amazing!! - Enxin, Feb 2015.


Hi Jane! Thank you for the lovely flower arrangements tonight! They look wonderful! – Adrianne & Evan, Dec 2014.


Client was very happy with the floral, great job! – Savour, Dec 2014


Just want to thank you for all the flower arrangements! Very nice and made me very happy! – Michelle, Nov 2014.


Hi Jane, many thanks for the beautiful bouquet! – Yi Fang, Oct 2014


Dear Jane, thank you so much for the lovely flowers at our wedding. The decoration was very beautifully done. Thank you for your service! - Nathaniel & Jasmin, Oct 2014


Thank you Jane! Wonderfully done! – Joe, Sep 2014


Dear Jane and Pauline, thank you so much for decorating our Wedding venue at the Cornerstone, Bishan Park.  The overall effect looked so beautiful. The colours matched so well with the garden theme we wanted.  It was rustic yet sweet, quaint yet elegant look.  We appreciate your team coming on time and even helping us to touch up with the solemnization chairs. Thank you. – Paul & Janet, Sep 2014


Hi Jane, thanks again for all the floral arrangements – everything looked great! – Shengzhi, Jun 2014


Hi Jane, your flowers got a lot of admiration, people loved them, especially the bouquet. The arch was very nice as it acts as the backdrop. Thanks Jane! – Mastika, Jun 2014


Hi Jane, thanks so much for the beautiful flowers and helping to pin the backdrop. The whole place was beautiful. We received a lot of compliments. The place was lovely, very very nice flowers. – Geraldine, Jun 2014


Hi Jane, thank you for the flowers. I love them. – Cathy, Jun 2014


The bouquet of flowers was good and pretty. We like it a lot.  It match the setting of the photo shoot well. Thanks for the arrangement of the flowers. – Irene Wong, May 2014


Hi Jane, thanks for delivering the bridal bouquet on time. I like it so much, it is more than what I expected. – Luo Yu, March 2014


The bridal bouquet was really beautiful! Got a few compliments on it. The vases were also nicely done and so were all the other arrangements. – Michelle, Mar 2014


Hi Jane, thanks for the bouquet, she loved it!  - Charles, Feb 2014


Thanks for all the flowers décor, love it, it is great! – Ariel, Jan 2014


Thank you very much! It’s very nice! – Vanessa, Feb 2014


Thanks for the set-up. It was so wonderfully done, everyone was singing praises and asking who the decorator was. Thanks so much once again. – Lyn, Dec 2013


Thanks Jane for the lovely flowers – Naiyen, Dec 2013


Jane, thank you for the set up yesterday! It was really pretty, all my guests were complimenting that i got a really good florist. I really like my bouquet, its so pretty, thank you so much! I will definitely engage your services again when i'm doing my banquet. Thank you once again. - Jennifer, Oct 2013.


Hi Jane, thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement and bridesmaids posies! You and your team did a good job, we are very pleased! And not forgetting the buckets with flower pom poms! Again, thank you and nice working with you! - Jasmine, Oct 2013


Hi Jane, thanks so much for the floral arrangement. Exactly what we wanted! - Cynthia, Oct 2013


Hi Jane, the bouquet is awesome! I received lots of compliments. Thanks!! - Hesper, Oct 2013 


Hi Jane! Just wanted to thank you for the flowers! I really like them! They're so pretty, i wished that they were fake, just so they would last forever! - Jada, July 2013


Hi Jane, thanks for the beautiful decor you have done up for my solemnization last saturday. The flowers were really lovely and i'm so glad you did such a wonderful job. You have managed to do everything up to my epectations and imaginations. Thank you so much! I will recommend you to my friends in the future and i will look for you to decor my future events. - Megan, May 2013 


Hi Jane, thanks so much for all the work for our wedding. My wife absolutely loved the flowers, so much so that she did not want to toss her bouquet till after the dinner. – Derrick, Mar 2013


Hi Jane, just like to say a big thank you for the beautiful decorations for my ROM. The floral decorations really helped to create the “princess” feel that I wanted for the event. And I love my bridal bouquet! It really stands out in the pictures. – Catrina, Mar 2013


Hi Jane, Paul and I would like to thank you for the beautiful floral décor at our wedding. It was lovely and I’m so glad it’ll be captured in our pictures. Thank you for your patience throughout,  going all out to create what we wanted. – Anthea, Feb 2013


I received many compliments regarding my flowers. Well done Jane! I am really happy with them. – Xingjun, Oct 2012


Thank you for the flowers on Saturday! They were lovely, several of our friends brought them home after the service. – Shiling, Oct 2012


Hi Jane, thank you so much for the gorgeous flowers! They were superb, my bridesmaids and I were so pleased with the posies. Working with you was thoroughly enjoyable and I really appreciated your creativity with the bouquets. – Weilin, Oct 2012


Thanks so much for the flowers and for accommodating my last minute requests! The flowers were beautiful and everything i wanted! Thanks again! - Gloria, Aug 2012


Hi Jane, the wedding went very well and I loved my flowers!! The bridesmaids and groomsmen corsages were also very nice! In fact, some of the girls preferred the groomsmen corsages cos of the polka dot ribbon! 

- Gerardine, Jun 2012


I think its really a blessing that I chanced upon Flower Couture. It could not have been a better choice; I was immediately taken by the creativity in the decorations, especially the crafts that you did for the other couples, its not something that is common amongst Singapore florist and there was also a personal touch that wasn't evident in the usual big names. The actual day really didn't disappoint. The guests loved the flowers which was exactly how I wanted the theme to be (blue and vintage whimsical)! My mum who was a florist was heaping praise on the combinations of flowers used and the bouquet she received !  You turned what is a humble church celebration into something that was much more, and you worked within my requests and budget ... I'm stressing the last point as we really didn't have that much to spend and you never once made us feel like a small customer. I think many futures brides would appreciate that, in what can be a sometimes commercial event.  Would like to again express my heartfelt thanks for your lovely florals for my church ceremony. - Chin Ser, Feb 2012


Thank you very much Jane for your decor! Both my wife and i, and everyone else loved them! We will definitely recommend your services. - David, Jan 2012


Thank you so much for the wedding flowers! You don't know how much my guests love them! Everyone told me how wonderful flowers were and my monther-in-law told me that you did a fine job with everything. I was so glad I found you! - Caz, Dec 2011 


We just wanted to thank you for your incredible help in acceding to our last minute request and making our wedding that much more perfect. The flowers were gorgeous and just as i had wanted them. The table arrangement for the VIP table in particular was gorgeous. I love the addition of the cabbage flowers for the huge arrangement in the living room as well. To date, most of the flowers are still surviving the weather and the house is beautifully perfumed with roses and lilies. We really cannot thank you enough. - Daphne, Nov 2011


Hey Jane, thanks for your service on our wedding day. All my guest were raving about the flowers! You did a really good job, I especially love my bridal bouquet! – Deann, Jul 2011


The flower arrangements were AWESOME! Really love it very much! You knew exactly what I want! - Karen, Jul 2011


Thanks so much for all your help! We are very satisfied with the flowers for our wedding day! Thanks for accommodating our requests, especially for the delivery and the flowers for my hair. – Ruth, Jul 2011


Everything was gorgeous! My guests loved the monogram too! – Alice, Jul 2011


I've got passer-bys saying the flowers are beautiful when i'm in esplanade taking some photos!! My realtives also compliment that its lovely! Thank you !  - Melody Dec 2010


Hi Jane, i wanted to thank you for the beautiful decor on Saturday! Everyone loved the decor and the willow twigs idea was a nice touch!  - Emily Jun 2011


Hey Jane, just want to say thanks for the excellent job on the church decor. All our guests loved it! I love the jugs and jars too. Really awesome! Thanks heaps! – R.P. May 2011


I just wanted to send you my thanks for beautifying the venue for me. The flowers were lovely and we received some compliments from our guests. My make-up artiste also commented that the floral wreaths for the flower girls were beautifully made. - Irene, Mar 2011


Thank you for the beautiful flowers yesterday. Especially in the sanctuary, it was so lovely and bright. I loved my bridal bouquet too.  - Michelle, Mar 2011


I think the floral arrangements were very good! I'll definitely recommend your services to other people. Thanks again for the lovely flowers that added so much life and beauty to the wedding. - Annie, Jan 2011


Thank you for the lovely flowers during the wedding! Everyone who was there, and even some who brought the flowers home, truly enjoyed them. - Ruoxi, Jan 2011


Thanks for the lovely flowers and signages you made for us! I didn't expect the flower ring holder to be so huge and i love the bouquet! I'm really happy that you made us go for yellow and tiffany blue. Our friends commented that the choice was unusual but very fitting for the setting. - Maureen, Jan 2011


Once again, Kai Dick and I would like to thank you for transforming the venue into such a gorgeous and magical place! My guests and even my parents and in-laws loved the flowers so much and I've got many people asking me where I got my florist from! Though I had absolutely no clue and no vision of how I wanted the whole place to look like, i have to say that everything was perfect! And I love how my peonies bouquet turned out. Thank you Jane! - Jiamin, Jun 2010


Being a designer, I am very particular of how the visual presentation of my decor will be. I have met many florists, which some are regular contributors in bridal magazine, but I still wasn't sure about any of them. Until I found Jane's website accidentally. When we met, Jane's love for craft and flower immediately clicked with mine, and I know this is the florist I am looking for. Jane's love for craft and flower matched perfectly with my vision. Marrying my rosettes theme and the rustic flower, it blends so well. I really love the bouquet, the altar arrangement and everything else. Working with Jane was great, Jane understands my idea easily. She is also responsible and make sure everything goes well with the plan. My wedding won't be that original and beautiful if it's not because of her flower. We made a good team and it translate well in the final outcome.- Hellen, Jun 2010


I was a bride who wasn't sure what kind of wedding flowers/ decor I'd like for my wedding. Therefore I'd like to thank Flower Couture for taking time to understand me and my style, and giving a lot of good suggestions and advice. I love my wedding bouquet very much; it was a pink and white tulip (tulip with feather-liked edges) bouquet with blue crystals, something totally out of the box and unconventional! As for the church decor, I particularly like the dragon willow pot (something I've never seen in others' wedding too). We wanted a white runner down the march in aisle which was properly laid out and securely pinned for my march in. Thank you Flower Couture for doing an excellent job for my wedding decor! I strongly recommend their service to all. - Hannah, 2009


We would like to thank flower couture for doing such a fine piece of artwork for our wedding. We had a summer wedding theme in mind and wanted to use gerbera as the main flower. Jane sketched many designs for us to choose from and was able to tailored it according to our budget and our taste. She even made an arch to give a garden feel to the whole auditorium. Jane thought through every detail of the decoration and produces quality work. Thank you Jane once again for giving us such a memorable wedding! - Jenny, 2008


We would like to thank flower couture for:1) Patience in hearing us out so as to understand our preferences;2) Professional advice in the choice of flowers decor which will meet our theme, as well as, match our budget;3) Confidence and decisiveness in suggesting solutions;4) Creativity in making our wedding unique and special from others;5) Arty flair and classy touch to the decor;6) Effective organisation which gives us a peace of mindIt was indeed an enjoyable experience. Thanks for making our wedding a memorable one! - Faith, 2007


I love everything about the flowers on my wedding day, it really made my day to have all the flowers the way I like it. To start with, I wasn't happy with the hand bouquet the bridal place provided so I'd ask Jane from Flower Couture to make one. It's big, it's flowy, just the way I like it. The décor in the church matched my hand bouquet. I especially like the flower arrangement on the guest sign-in table. And there didn't seem to be a bare spot where there are no flowers. Even the little purplish flowers used as fillers added to the whole look of the place. Everything seemed just in place. At the end of the wedding, girls were fighting to bring home the little posies used to decorate the aisles!It was definitely easy to talk to Jane. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted even when I myself wasn't sure. I would just say I like this colour or that feel and she would come up with ideas of what flowers to use and in what arrangement. I think, as any couple about to be hitched would think too, one of the most important aspects of wedding planning is to keep cost reasonable and within budget. I would definitely recommend Flower Couture and what it offers to my friends and anyone else, for three fundamental reasons: great flowers, great service, great price.” - Delia, 2006


It was great working with Jane on the flowers and the decorations for the wedding as she tailored her designs according to our personality and wants. She's easy to work with and has splendid ideas about how to go about decorating the place, and she's always open to feedback and able to work with a budget we set. We were very happy with the decoration and the quality of work on the day! Highly recommend!" - Lui Yan, 2006