Regal Purple Florals - Malay Wedding Dais (Pelamin)

We thoroughly enjoy creating a Regal Purple Floral theme for a Malay Wedding Dais (Pelamin). Big flowers in big vases on a glamorous raised platform, what's there not to like!

Couple of weeks ago we worked together with Eternally Yours Pte Ltd on their Malay Wedding Exhibition, arranging the flowers on site at the Singapore Expo Hall.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of setting up the florals.

You start off by filling the large vase with heaps of oasis (green floral foam) and add the leaves. Then you use the purple roses to create the general outline shape and size of the arrangement.

Next you fill the space with all the other purple flowers like purple eustoma and purple orchids.

Then you add the tall purple matthiola to add height to the arrangement.

Lots and lots of fresh purple flowers!!

Medium size vase set on the Dais

Large vase set on the Dais

The Dais (Pelamin)


Floral picture frame

Table centrepieces of varying heights

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

If you are looking for an elegant and gorgeous Malay Wedding Dais, give us a buzz at 9857 9474.